Big in Japan

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you very much for today’s beer tasting.  According to my wife Mika this event was even better than last year’s! Despite the hiccups at the Japanese end it was very enjoyable. If you do not have enough of this maybe we can organize another event for my friends now?

Until then best wishes,

Thomas Meyer

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you again for the blind beer tasting on the other day which we have enjoyed a lot. Well, I and my family visited The Seafood Restaurant in Kumamoto ran by Kashima-san. The restaurant has just opened on April 23rd and was really nice atmosphere. Of course, the beer and food were excellent. Kashima-san respects the beer culture of Belgium and would like to have a communication with Charlotte. Maybe we will set up a beer tasting of Kashima-san in the near future.


Yasuharu Hagi (Seafood Restaurant in Kumamoto)

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